Be Kind To Your Mind

When we get a sprain in our leg, we visit a doctor. But what if we feel sad, lonely, solemn? We feel ashamed to consult a psychologist. The mere thought of it has us running in the opposite direction.

Our society is the one where discussing our mental health is still considered a stigma. More often than not we avoid talking about it and many of us aren’t even aware of what mental health issues are plaguing our lives.

According to a study, which followed people aged 11-38 and tracked their mental health, a mere 17% avoided mental illness. Forty-one percent had a mental health condition that lasted for many years. Forty-two percent had a short-lived mental illness. This suggests that, sooner or later, mental illness will become an issue for most people. These numbers alone are enough to give anyone goosebumps.

In a society like ours, it has become pertinent to know that healthcare does not limit to your physical health; mental health is an important aspect too. Raising awareness and telling people that it is okay to feel what they feel is one thing but the need of the hour is to establish a healthcare system which functions properly in all aspects. Public education on mental health problems, and on how to find help, needs to go hand-in-hand with making improvements to mental health services. These people, we, not only need public awareness and understanding but a functioning mental health services too.

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