Who Does This Body Belong To?

One look in the mirror and you see infinite details about yourself that you want to alter, improve or remove altogether.

Constant media exposure of flawless humans without an ounce of shortcomings has been fed to our minds since birth. Magazines only show how to get six pack abs, sharp cheekbones or a sexy summer body, increasing the number of people facing body image issues.

People body-shame others without even realizing it. A little remark here from your grandmother and a little poke there from your brother go unnoticed. The frequent gibes add up and you slowly give in to the cultural expectation that everybody is inherently flawed.

Someone is annoyed by a tiny birthmark above her eyebrow. Someone spends all her time to exercise for leaner legs. Then there is almost every girl unhappy with her flabby stomach. This becomes an obsession for some and morphs into body dysmorphic disorder. And the worst part of it all is that the flaw which is bothering them may be nonexistent to others.

The need is to welcome your “flaws” and stop wishing for something different before it consumes you wholly. Even if you feel you are flawed in some way, be grateful that you are still breathing.

Listen to the needs of your body; no one knows it better than you do. Rewire your brain to interrupt negative thoughts; re-evaluate your self-worth. Remember that salt and baking powder go into a cake and those things taste funny alone but the cake always turns out to be pretty delicious.

Artwork by @instaphazed (Phazed)

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