Falling Apart

Everyone is out there, decoding life in their own way. We feel if we know what to expect in our future, we will be ready for it. This image has become so much a part of our language that we don’t even stop to think about it.

When things don’t go our way, it is like everything is falling apart. We begin to think of life as a destination, forgetting that it is, in fact, a journey with a lot of stops along the way. Everything is as good or bad as our opinion makes it.

Cry. Get rid of those excess emotions. Talk to yourself; admit the truth. It may hurt for a second but eventually, things will fall back into place. Talk to people. You will realize that every one of them has something difficult going on in their lives.

Ask for help. It is not pathetic. Instead of feeling trapped and alone, start hailing vulnerability for what it actually is – a sign of strength, openness, and hope.

Just like people have their cheat days from diets, have your cheat moments from the problems you are facing. Do not let your pain entirely rule every aspect of your life. Enjoy some trivial and jovial moments of life guilt free. It really helps.

The journey of life is a bumpy one. There will be days where the pain and reality of your situation will consume you. Allow yourself to feel helpful on such days. But never forget that tomorrow is a good day and the sun will eventually shine brightly again. When it seems like life is falling apart, it may actually be falling into a place better than expected.

Artwork: @cheryljowen (Cheryl J. Owen)

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