Breaking Rules

We all have weaknesses or traits that we want to get rid of. Or maybe, society wants us to get rid of them. Some of us want to get over their procrastination, some of us want to get over our lack of attention. The list could go on forever.

Belonging to a class of ‘overweight’ people, it’s kind of necessary for me to do regular workouts and have a less calorie diet. The workout was never a problem but my love for desserts always created a hurdle. So yesterday, I decided to break my rule of having a less calorie diet. I ate my favorite ice cream, I ate my favorite sweet dish, I don’t even know the total calories I consumed. But today when I woke up, instead of feeling guilty or sad, I was strangely happy and satisfied.

Working every day, going through that 9-5 routine, we forget where our happiness lies. We forget to love ourselves. Sometimes, you need to break the humdrum of your routine and that is alright in a life that mostly runs along so many disciplines and rules. An occasional break from routine doesn’t hurt. Instead, it allows us to once again feel the happiness that was left behind. It opens a path for innovation. Someone rightly said, “You have to exit your safe, comfort zones to attract the new and innovative; you have to ditch the ordinary to attract the extraordinary.”

However, before you try to break the rule, you have to learn the rules to break the rule. Breaking the rule can give you some amount of fun, but could lead to a disaster too, as happened with me when I caught a cold from all that ice cream. The cost of your fun must not hurt others or violate their space. It should lead to some sort of fruitfulness or innovation. If you break rules only to sound cool, then, my friend, you are just heading towards a disaster.

Artwork: Taiz Karan

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