Why attend TEDxIGDTU?

  1. Speakers

This is without a doubt the single biggest reason for you to attend the talk.  Personalities like Shwetambari Shetty, who has previously trained Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, Kanishk Priyadarshini, an actor, and anchor on Scoopwhoop, and Dr. Mona Varonica Campbell, India’s first plus-size trans supermodel among other accomplished names will grace the stage to deliver emphatic talks.


  1. Other attendees

Our carefully selected audience includes people who wish to push the boundaries, people who know the importance of learning and people who believe creativity is the way forward. TEDxIGDTU will give you an amazing opportunity to interact with fellow like-minded people and forge relationships.


  1. Experience

We have meticulously planned each and every detail to give our valued audience members and speakers an experience they’re unlikely to forget. It’s always a privilege to be surrounded by inspired people, to be in an ambiance where you and your unique stories matter and we hope the experience of attending the talk enrichens you.


  1. Knowledge

Talking to other fellow attendees and the speakers may help you connect the dots and find the missing pieces. There’s ample knowledge to be gained from a TEDx talk. You might learn some interesting facts about a topic or you might find the solution to a problem that is bugging you. Exposure to a number of people, who have different schools of thought and their unique ways to look at a problem,  will open your eyes to a wider world.


  1. Possibilities

There is an opportunity to make new friends, find business partners and to expand your network in general. There are as many opportunities as there are people at the conference and what remains to be seen is how you harness the sheer amount of human resource at the talk.

P.S. We also have some goodies and food in store for you!







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