The Moon

One day I was
Watching the moon
Sitting there on
The porch
Distant from the city lights
Not a bee’s buzz
Or the sound of
And I gazed
And kept gazing
And wondering
About the moon
Marveling at
It’s pearl white aura
The crescents, craters, and
Thinking how
Beautiful those looked
From here so far
And while at it,
It struck me
We love, we celebrate
We admire it’s
We forget to see
It has no one
To share its
We fill
The voids
In each other’s
With sympathy
And gaiety
Or sometimes painful darts.
The human beings
Can cry
Shed tears
Of joy, or dejection
Given by someone
It feels better
To get the weight off
Or have someone love us
Make us laugh
So imagine
The moon’s grief
And loneliness
And desperation
As it realizes
No matter how
We love it from
So far
It is alone
There in the dark.
No touch of love
Or air of emotion
Saddening perpetually
And no one to see.
It can’t cry
Has no tears
It was His art
So tries to show its pain
Through those craters in the heart.
Artwork: @all_things_moon (All Things Moon)

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