The Sparkle

Have you seen a star?
Ever known?
why it twinkles
Glimmering and beaming
Like a world apart?
Mother said,
Look how it shines.
It shines for you.
Sparkling incessantly
Like it’s the happiest
Who knew?
Maybe God,
Wishes to praise you
For all your good works.
Maybe He wants to tell you,
You can be a star too.
But I wanna ask
What if?
The glimmer is not
Of happiness
But gloom?
Of inconceivable suffering,
In black, alone?
Maybe the moon feels lonely
And cries as well
And the stars be forlorn
And agony does dwell?
Maybe the sadness grows
And there it stays?
Or maybe descends
In fourteen days?
So can’t happy,
Be sometimes sad too?
Can’t the sparkle in eyes
Be from tears too?
Artwork: @tkaranphotography (Taiz Karan)

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